Hi #etmooc participants!

My VoiceThread  introduction:  Hi #etmooc!

VoiceThreads can’t be embedded in free WordPress blogs, and  I decided that a link would be sufficient.

This past week has been hectic–I spent Wednesday teaching in an area high school as part of my required public school time–so I’m late getting started with #etmooc.  Tomorrow should be a good day for getting caught up.


4 thoughts on “Hi #etmooc participants!

  1. WordPress.com doesn’t allow any embed on any of their blogs, regardless of whether they are free or paid.

    Some of the media you can embed and how it is embedded is explained here -en.support.wordpress.com/category/media/


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  3. Hi Donna, you live in a beautiful part of the world. NIce to meet you. Do you with your students use internet to communicate in Spanish with Spain and other countries?
    Happy Mooc-ing Jaap

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